ICFO’s Best Internet Program Award 2017: ARI Ad Rotator [Video]

ICFO’s Best Internet Program Award 2017: ARI Ad Rotator [Video]

Internet Crime Fighters Organization (ICFO)’s Founder Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D. “It is with great pleasure that after all these years online since 2004, evaluating internet programs of nearly every type to finally make our First Selection for “Best Internet Program of 2017 to ARI Ad Rotator Consulting Business and Founder and Developer Jerry Leverock.”

ARI graded for:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Product Quality
  • Promotional Materials
  • Website Looks
  • Affiliate/Member Support
  • ICFO Sustainability, Program Differentiation

Source: APSense Social Business Networking

ARI Founder and Developer Jerry Leverock

  • A seasoned veteran of off and online sales and marketing
  • A strategist, innovator, programmer, and product developer of some 80 original products and security systems not found or available elsewhere
  • An untiring founder that freely gives his time weekly with Live Training, dedicated to sharing his life experiences to help others meet the objectives of his Mission Statement for Making Money Online

ARI’s Mission Statement

To provide a simple and effective business system for average people

  • That want to work and earn money
  • So that they can live with financial dignity and
  • Have the freedom to enjoy life with their family
  • Without ever having to worry about money ever again

Ad Rotator International (ARI)

  • ARI is a Full-Service Online Consulting Business
  • The business model consists of 4 Consultant levels: ARI Confirmed and Qualified, Executive Confirmed and Qualified
  • Consultants Qualify by referring their First New Member to their Sponsor
  • A Tried, Tested and Proven Business Opportunity since 2015
  • Where YOU as an Independent ARI Consultant
  • Can place YOUR Consultant advertisements
  • On FREE classified websites,
  • In YOUR emails, email signatures,
  • Join and Post on YOUR social media sites,
  • Bulletin boards, Forums, Groups, nearly anyway.
  • Great for ARI Ads (80 programs 2018)
  • Or Any Other Product or Service That YOU may offer
  • Each Consultant level provided access to selected programs available to use and advertise
  • Executive Qualified Consultants
    • Enjoy full access to all products
    • Earn a Locked for Life Residual Income
    • and become a member of ARI’s Executive Inner Circle
    • Only ARI Qualified Consultants are eligible to join the Executive levels

Click to Download Your Freebook and Watch the Video

  • Optin to instantly receive YOUR copy 100% Free Book
  • This high converting video, better than 95%, explains
    • Why “YOU Need a Business of YOUR ”
    • Why ARI is YOUR best choice for doing business online
  • As an ARI Consultant, YOU advertise to Get Others to Watch the Video
  • Complete the Optin order form to receive YOUR 100% Free Book’ and
  • Send YOUR follow-up information to those that respond to YOUR ads
  • Enjoy weekly recorded International LIVE Training from ARI Founder Jerry Leverock
    • With Tips and How-tos that
    • Help YOU stay focused
    • Grow YOUR Consultant Business
    • Review this week and all previous training from YOUR back office
    • Members Helping Members, participation, and feedback

No Experience Needed – Really

The ARI Consultant Business is Ideal for students, the unemployed, underpaid and minimum wage employees, single moms, stay at home moms or dads, those on fixed income, the elderly, retired persons, nearly anyone that needs or wants to earn extra income

Great for our elderly friends that want to keep their mind active and earn while doing it

For Dr. Don’s varied dozen or so successful offline businesses

  • Did not have the benefit of experience
  • Training, mentors, coaches, and tools.
  • Sure, outside resources were available that cost money but
  • Entrepreneurs seldom have extra money
  • Nevermind taking time to take off from business to join paid activities
  • Lessons learned through research, and trial and error
  • Though hard knocks, mistakes, and strategy testing
  • Through Passion and Commitment
  • Learn, Apply and Earn YOUR way to Success

From experience, rest assured that Instant Success, as promised by so many online business opportunities, is a Myth. The grass is NOT always greener and Jumping from one opportunity to another will only result in YOUR Frustration, Empty Pockets, And Failure.

Fear Not

  • ARI Takes Care Of These Issues for YOU
  • If YOU LEARN and APPLY YOUR Learning
  • NO Sales, People are Looking for YOUR Ads
  • Remember this is YOUR Business
  • Attend the weekly Live Training and Q&A periods
  • Watch the videos that guide YOU through every step of the way
  • ARI has already done the Research, and trial and error
  • Follow the ARI Blueprint and Grow YOUR Business and Income
  • Qualified ARI Executives Enjoy Sustainably, Locked In, Residual Income

Click To Instantly Download YOUR FREE Book

Step by Step guide that shows YOU How to Become An ARI Business Consultant

Let’s Cut to the Chase

If YOU Are Ready to Start Earning Money Now

Complete the Optin form and register below

Click to Register Now to Get Started


Dr. Don: Personally, I do not believe in online guarantees and most cases, they are illegal. Nobody can guarantee how much money YOU will make, when, or if YOU make any money at all. Two people following the same blueprint will likely get different results

Whether YOU make $250 per day, @500 per week is an attainable reference point, YOUR low one-time sign-up fee reaches break-even with only two sign-ups

YOUR resources and support are FREE for LIfe. The Rest if up to YOU

However; as shown by our selection of ARI as ICFO ‘s Best Internet Program for 2017 demonstrates that we believe that joining ARI Business Consultants represents YOUR best opportunity to Start a Real Business and Make Money Online

Coming Soon

We have reviewed an ARI’s new, unbelievable opportunity to be released soon

  • Available Only to ARI Qualified and Executive Consultants
  • Six months in development
  • FREE Paid to Read PTR Book
  • “The Secret to Perpetual and Compound Income”
  • There IS NO LIMIT to How Much YOU can EARN
  • Sustainable, Locked in Residual Income for life

Another Unique Opportunity Only Available through ARI; near “copycat” proof

A sure Winner by Any Standard with full ARI Benefits, Live Training, Videos, Resources, member to member support, all

Former Tonight Show’s Host Jay Leno “This is the quickest way to become a millionaire. He discovered the key to getting rich early on: Developing multiple streams of income.

ARI Business Consultants get all this and more for Life for a nominal onetime start-up fee

Source: CNBC Make It

Join the ARI Team Today, Now

Welcome; Enjoy and See YOU on the Inside

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Dr. Don

Thanks for reviewing our ICFO’s Best Internet Program Award 2017: ARI Ad Rotator [Video]

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