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Post n Profit Ad Rotator [Video]

Post n Profit Ad Rotator

  • Ad Rotator is a Tried and Tested Business Opportunity
    • where you as an Independent Consultant
    • can place your advertisement on FREE classified websites,
    • in your email,
    • post on your social media,
    • bulletin boards,
    • forums, etc.
  • Great for Our Ad Rotator Ads or
    • Any Other Product or Service That You Offer
  • You send your follow-up information to those that respond to your ads

Watch the Video For More Information

My FREE How To Earn Book will share with you

  • How to Make Money Online with
  • Post n Profit Ad Rotator or
  • Any Other Product or Service That You Offer

Our Mission Statement

To provide a simple and effective business system to average people

  • who want to work and earn money so
  • that they can live with financial dignity and
  • have the freedom to enjoy life with their family
  • without ever having to worry about money ever again.

How much you earn depends is entirely on you.

  • It is Your Business
  • Post n Profit Ad Rotator
  • The Most You Post the More You Profit

If you want or need to make money online, simply follow our Blueprint for Success

Imagine This

Our Post n Profit Ad Rotator Business Provides YOU with a Success Plan of Action To Get You Started:

  • A Classified Ad Manual with over
    • 140 free and paid classified ad websites
  • Social Media Manuals that include setting a
    • Viral Facebook Marketing page
  • Full Range of Setup, How to and Marketing Videos
  • Even Live Training is available
  • Example ads and code provided
  • No Multi-Level-Marketing MLM
  • No Selling
  • No Recruiting
  • No Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • No Marketing Experience Needed
  • A Daily Steady Stream of Potential Buyers
  • No Waiting, Immediate 100% Payment
  • Just Post and Profit
  • Click to get my FREE Book Now

I retired in 2004 as Chairman, CEO, and President of several Successful Startup Companies.

  • From my experience, I can assure you that Instant Success, as promised by so many online business opportunities, is a Myth.
  • The grass is NOT always greener and
  • jumping for one opportunity to another will only result in your frustration, empty pockets, and failure.

I responded to an Ad Rotator link from my then Sponsor and decided to investigate further.

  • I had known this Sponsor for several years
  • and noted from his messages, profile, and social media
  • that he too was always looking for a better mousetrap or greener grass
  • I guess he is still looking as he failed to respond to any of my quires regarding Ad Rotator
  • His loss!

Since retiring, I have been active online investigating scams, fraud, and other Internet Crimes culminating in this Internet Crime Fighters Org website

  • Over the years, have reviewed or participated in hundreds of online business opportunities and services; over 1100 per my password manager. These include MLM, HYIPs, Matrix, Gifting, Forex, Binary Trading, Surveys, PTC/PTR to name a few
  • Read the headlines, hype, promises, and guarantees
  • While some may be real opportunities; others are scams
  • There are no Push Button Solutions to Success, or to Making Money Online
  • I don’t believe everything is on autopilot, or do nothing and make money
  • Learn to do Your Due Diligence

Why People Fail Offline or Online

It Is My Experience That People Fail Because They Expect Overnight Success With Little To No Effort

  • They Lack The Necessary Expertise Or Tools
  • They Have No Business Plan Or Fail To Follow The Given Plan
  • They Take Short Cuts Rather Than Working Their Plan; Step-By-Step
  • They Fail To Follow Up
  • They Give Up

I remember my first trading loss online, a major loss of 82% of my investment.  Wow, What went wrong?

  • I had been in chart analysis since the early 1960s as a Maintenance Data Reporting Officer in the US Navy.
  • I understood trends and know that what goes up must come down or vice versa.
  • I started my first highly successful financial services corporation Jan 1st, 1981
  • So looking at trading charts seemed to be no big deal.

So, What went wrong?

It Was Quite Simple; I Failed to Take Advice from Others; I Failed to Follow the Plan

  • I started with Live Trading and Skipped the wisdom of Starting with a Demo Trading platform
  • I failed to take the time to learn how to use the trading platform; my primary trading tool
  • So, when my trade change direction; I didn’t know how to Close the Trade
  • By the time, I figured it out; 82% of my investment was lost
  • Since then, I have started over, and now I enjoy a higher than normal trading success

Online Plans for Success, Blueprints, Guides are Aids to Your Success

  • They are Meant to be Followed Step-by-Step.
  • The popular Mobile App “WAZE” which provides step-by-step directions from point A to point B and recalculates your trip if you take a wrong turn.
  • NOT So Online, if you Fail to Follow an Online Plan for Success or Make a Mistake; YOU FAIL.
  • However, in most cases, YOU CAN Start Over from the Beginning.
  • I speak from experience.

Check Your Success Traits

In his Book “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common” authored by Richard St. John; he says that:

  1. Successful people are passionate about what they do. Passion tops the list because “if you love what you’re doing, it will be so much easier to develop the other seven success traits,” St. John writes
  2. Successful people work hard while having fun
  3. Successful people have a specific focus.
  4. Successful people push themselves out of their comfort zones.
  5. Successful people consistently come up with new ideas.
  6. Successful people are constantly getting better. Someone who achieves great success is always improving, “whether it’s their career, project, product, or service.”
  7. Successful people provide value to others. St. John says it’s important to ask yourself who you serve because most people only care about how you can fix their problems.
  8. Successful people are persistent through failure. There is no true overnight success. Persistence works hand-in-hand with patience.

Read more at Business Insider


  • I do not believe in most online guarantees and in many cases, they are illegal. 
  • We cannot guarantee how much money you will make, or when, of if you make any all.
  • No Gimmicks
  • You Must be Willing to Work and
  • Post Your Ads
  • The More You Post 
  • The More You Should Make
  • It is All Up To YOU!
  • However, in my opinion, if you want to start an online business and make money,
  • then our ICFO Post and Profit – Ad Rotator is for you.
  • I did not have the benefit of experience,
    • Training, mentors, coaches, and
    • Tools when I started my offline businesses.
    • I learned through hard knocks,
    • Research, and trial and error
  • We take care of those issues for you
  • Self-Paced and Live Training Available

If You’re Ready To Start Earning Money Online, then

Click Here to Receive Our FREE Book Now!

Thanks for reviewing our Post and Profit Ad Rotator

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