7 Rings of Wealth [Video]

The 7 Rings of Wisdom will teach you how to achieve wealth, health, and the needed balance in your life.

The 7 Rings of Wealth will provide a way for you to leverage a micro-enterprise to achieve your dreams.


In your pursuit of Wealth, it is essential that you learn what Assets are and how to accumulate them.  Assets, sometimes called investments, are different from Work.  With Work, you exchange your time for money.  With Assets, they work for you 24 hours a day all year long.Understanding Risk is important.  You need a strategy that considers Risk. Higher Risk increases the potential return, but you can lose all or part of your Assets.  Lower Risk equals lower the potential return.  Learning how to strike this balance is what these webinars/courses are all about.  You will learn how to use the Rule of 72 and how to evaluate an Assets potential.Warren Buffett, of Berkshire Hathaway, says, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”  In our webinars, we will teach you how to evaluate Assets and when to say NO!Disclaimer: We do not offer professional legal, accounting or financial advice, you should seek a qualified licensed professional.


Health is Wealth! Ask anyone who has had a significant health issue and they will tell you that getting that back is more important all the money in the world.

For example, in family budgeting, the way to success is to spend less and earn more.  Dieting is simple – you just eat less and move more.  Our experts will help you learn about how to improve your health, educate you on how your body works, and give you strategies for healthy living.

Notable Quotes:

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” ~Buddha

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when a character is lost, all is lost.” ~Billy Graham

Disclaimer: We do not offer medical advice, you should seek a qualified licensed professional.


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!”  Proverb

Understanding how important Fun and Rest is to your success is the secret to an Abundant Life.

Leisure is a luxury item; if you need to be occupied more than 10 hours a day, 6 days a week with work then wisdom is unlikely. The luxury of pursuing a broad education, (and for ‘wisdom’ a broad education is necessary) and a time that allows in your own head the cross-pollination from different points of view, then… wisdom is possible.  Attributed to Plato by Cary McDonald.

Most agree that to make your Dreams come true, it takes hard work.  We have all seen the effects of hard work: broken people, broken marriages, and broken dreams – sometimes just broke! Without Leisure in your life, your Dreams can become nightmares… learn to enjoy life and play!

In our webinars and courses, you will learn how to have fun again.  You will learn to be a “human being – not a human doing.”  Ask yourself, in the last 7 days, what did you do for fun?  In the last 30 days?


Training is in at least 3 categories: Academic, Vocational, and Professional.  In our webinars, we use this Training Ring as our wild card.  We will be inviting seasoned professionals in a wide variety of disciplines to teach the Wisdom they have learned. Some classes may have panels of experts.

Many would argue that Academics have just become too expensive as we see graduates buried under more than $100,000 in debt.  With the average starting salary in the US is $48,127; thousands have gone into debt and many earned much less.  Do you know someone affected by this?

Our Training is to help you learn how to achieve Wealth without going into debt and the potential to earn at least double this average wage!

If we can show you how you could to earn more than $100,000 a year from your micro-enterprise working cooperatively with others, we hope you agree it is better than formal education costs. This is our dream – to help you achieve Wealth and Wisdom from the convenience of your own home.


The best way to think about Income is that it is what you get when you work a job or own a business.  Basically, we exchange Time for Income.

Income is different than Assets.  With Assets, we invest to accumulate, with Income, we spend it on things we need or want.  The best way to manage income is to have a Budget.  In our webinars, you will learn how to create a Spending Plan (also called a Budget) for yourself and your business, if you have one.

There are several types of Income.  There is Earned Income from our labor.  There is Investment Income we earn from Assets and Discretionary Income from our budget just to name a few.

Lastly, we will be teaching on the Share Economy and the value of owning one or more micro-enterprises that create Income Streams.  We will invite experts from several fields to discuss everything from a local yogurt shop to Internet marketing.  Come join us on this adventure!


To be successful in business, you need to develop a “marketplace” or what we call the Crowd.  Your Crowd can be you and another person or literally millions.  It is up to you.  As you join our Crowd, we work cooperatively to merge your Cloud with everyone else’s Crowd to create what we call #TheNation (or Collaborate CoOp).

Why build a Crowd?  Rarely is a person successful in life being totally alone.  We need family, friends, groups, clubs, co-workers, and collaborators to achieve our Dreams and strike the balance in life.

Since we are advocates of the Share Economy, we believe in sharing the prosperity of our ventures with our Crowd.  We have all seen Search Engines, Social Media, and Messenger platforms/Apps earn $Billions and never share once cent with the Crowd that build them to greatness.  Not so here, as a consumer or producer you can find your special place in the Crowd to prosper.

Prosperity is not always a money thing, as we teach in the 7 Rings of Wisdom, won’t you join us on this journey to success and happiness with a like-thinking Crowd.


Wealth and Wisdom is rarely a money thing.  We would agree that Health, Leisure, Friends, etc. are a valuable part of striking the life balance.

We all know of a workaholic that gave all to his/her job and missed those important moments in their children’s life.  We all have heard that Harry Chapin song, “The Cats in the Cradle.”  When we are young we dismiss it and as we get older “we miss it.”

The Family webinars will be about relationships and values.  It will be about how kids spell Love: “TIME.” We will teach how to create memories and not regrets.

Bottom-line, Wealth, and Wisdom without Family is a shallow existence.  Truthfully, it takes all 7 Rings to live a balanced life in the pursuit of happiness.  Join these Webinars and be the best father, son, mother daughter, uncle, aunt, friend or grandparent you can be.

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Wealth – What We Do

7 Rings of Wealth is the latest innovation of the popular Collaborative CoOp Community known as “#The Nation.”

7 Rings of Wealth offers you an amazing opportunity to participate in a micro-enterprise for “#The Nation”, where your participation not only helps othersbut can be very financially rewarding for yourself.


The Goal of “#The Nation” is to provide a place for you to realize your Dreams.  By participating in our project at 7 Rings, you are helping to further the cause of providing the means for all of us, as independent business owners (freelancers) without borders, to unite and work together to promote commerce globally and ensure prosperity and welfare for ALL our Members.  It is totally unique in how we raise funds for our project. With other crowdfunding projects, they drive traffic to the project page in hopes that the visitor will contribute.  They may or may not offer a token gift for the giver’s contribution.  With our crowdfunding project, we are not seeking contributions.  Instead, we are offering an amazing opportunity through developing your own micro-enterprise.

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7 Rings of Wisdom Empowers The 7 Rings of Wealth

We offer both the Wealth that most of us can only dream about and the Wisdom to empower it.

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Why 7 Rings?

for “The Nation”

The number seven is universal and represents a Searcher of Truth!

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Express Your Voice – Build Your Crowd – Upgrade To Share Member – Get Paid

Collaborate CoOp is a legal Cooperative Association organized under Chapter 308B of the Minnesota Statutes. It was formed to unite the producer and consumer interests in the products and services that enable consumers to save time, talent and treasure, and to otherwise further the common interests of all Members.


Freelancing Is Changing The Way We Collaborate

How we collaborate as Freelancers is key. At FreelancerNation we are committed to being the “Home for Freelancers.” We want your input (collaboration) in making your web platform the best and we can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Connect with family, friends, and associates worldwide.

The ShOutNation App is an “all-in-one” public and private messaging App that is disruptive to existing social media and messaging platforms and Apps. You can easily send text, voice, pictures, video, and documents. Enroll for FREE, download your contacts, and let the App do the work for you!  When you share the App with others and they upgrade, YOU GET PAID!


We support the proposal for the International Flag of Planet Earth.  Visit their website below and view the video for the extraordinary idea behind the creation of and proposal to adopt an International Flag of Planet Earth.  This flag is designed to represent ALL citizens of all 7 Continents.  When you understand this concept, you will also come to understand that unity and collaboration of every citizen of planet earth is also the goal of “#The Nation”.  The International Flag project is not our program, but we support its concept.



When you join the 7 Rings of Wealth, you will automatically become a Free Basic Member of the CoOp, “#The Nation”.

Whether you have an idea to share or you want to contribute to the idea of another member, you can experience the power of collaboration that happens when we come together and unite for a common good. Through “#The Nation”, you will learn how to collaborate with other members and how to develop a following of like-minded people from around the globe.

Through 7 Rings of Wealth, you will gain valuable wisdom and the opportunity to share in the income (Patronage Refunds).
To learn more about #The Nation and how you can qualify for Patronage Refunds.

Power of 3 Suared

Another choice to consider: Power of 3² can provide the training and marketing tools for 7 Rings of Wealth and although you are not required to be an active member of Power of 3 Squared, in order to gain access to 7 Rings of Wealth, we believe it would be the smartest move you could make!  To learn more, talk to the person who shared this website with you.


…Power of 3 Squared is a marketing portal which offers entry into 3 additional programs that have the potential to increase your financial success.

When you join Power of 3 Squared, not only will you have the capability to earn an income from the portal, itself, but on the inside of Power of 3 Squared, you will have access to marketing tools and specific training for those additional programs, which include 7 Rings of Wealth, to help make your success more likely.

In addition to the many benefits of Power of 3², you will also have access to our exciting and powerful Multiprogram Automated Synchronous System.  “M.A.S.S.” is a very special team-building tool designed to bring the same members into multiple programs. So, instead of just building a team for 7 Rings of Wealth alone, the smarter thing to do is to offer your team the potential of multiple streams of income, including the 7 Rings of Wealth Patronage Refunds, all in one place.

So make the smart choice and join 7 Rings of Wealth, through Power of 3 Squared, to magnify your team’s potential earnings.  Join 7 Rings through Power of 3 Squared, and experience the power of M.A.S.S.

To begin earning Patronage Refunds in the 7 Rings of Wealth Crowdfunding project for “The Nation”, simply click on the Signup button and get started today.

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